Hybrid cloud

Supporting strategy and delivery of today’s hybrid cloud architectures from on-premise workloads to cloud-hosted applications.

Hybrid Cloud Solutions

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Public Cloud Service

Evaluating options in the cloud can feel cumbersome and foreign. Leveraging expertise and experience in the marketplace has never been more important as the pace of change continues to speed up. Collaborate with the engineers at Elevate to ensure your strategy and execution are on point!

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Data Protection

Threat detection and mitigation is critical in today’s cyber landscape. There will always be a focus on keeping threats at bay, but with the technology landscape focusing on mobility, we need to change our philosophy on security to have an additional focus on detection and mitigation to control and isolate any potential threats.

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Server & Storage Architecture

Storage architecture improves the way data can be organized, managed, and accessed. This optimizes for data availability, scalability, and performance, which can help a business run more smoothly and efficiently. In addition, it can help to protect a business’s data from loss or damage and ensure compliance with data regulations.

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Data Center Networking

By providing a robust and scalable network infrastructure, data center networking can help a business to improve the availability, performance, and security of its data center services. This can help to reduce downtime, increase productivity, and improve customer satisfaction.

The Client Experience

At Elevate, we help businesses optimize their infrastructure and architecture for proper service delivery, especially when dealing with massive SQL environments and legacy applications. Our expertise in server refreshes and lifecycle management ensures that you’re within proper code revisions and support matrices, reducing the risk of costly downtime. Let us help you keep your business running smoothly, so you can focus on growth.
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Project Based Execution

Your custom solutions are designed & delivered to drive excellence and improve overall experience

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Advanced Placement

We leverage our localized experts to help our clients mitigate risk and move faster with proactive, agile services engagements.

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Deliver Solutions

Your custom solutions are designed & delivered to drive excellence and improve overall experience.


Elevate has a highly knowledgeable staff and, more importantly, a strong moral compass in doing right by their customers. That’s why Elevate is a trusted go-to partner for my IT needs. 


VP of IT Financial Services

Elevate was able to help solve our technology and business challenges by being creative in every aspect of the process from design to purchasing. They were able to save us a ton of money by leveraging some of our current licensing and hardware. While still enabling us to solve our technology problems. Great organization and amazing team. 


Cloud and Infrastructure Engineer, Security Service Firm

The staff at Elevate are some of the most well-rounded and professional technologists I have worked with in my 20 years in IT. Their focus on designing solutions rather than pushing products has led to a long-standing relationship.


Sr. Engineer, Healthcare Industry

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